Why does the motor manufacturing industry tend to customize DC motors?

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A DC motor is a motor that runs on DC power. The DC motor is usually brushed or synchronous. The brushed DC motor directly generates torque from the DC power supplied to the motor through internal commutation, fixed permanent magnets and rotating electromagnet . Brushless DC motors have the advantages of low starting cost, high reliability, simple speed regulation, and long life. The disadvantages include high maintenance and high maintenance. Synchronous DC motors (such as brushless DC motors and stepper motors) require external commutation To generate torque. Brushless DC motors use rotating permanent magnets in the rotor, fixed electromagnets on the motor housing, and a motor controller that converts DC power to AC power.


With high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, matching the design of the DC motor is crucial. The design and customization of the DC motor benefit from the professional motor manufacturing solution design team. The mechanical engineers work directly with the customer to closely meet the customer's application requirements, so that the customer will eventually get a motor manufacturing design solution that meets the application program and maximize the performance of the customized motor.


NIDE mechanical can provide well-defined and modular motor manufacturing production lines, as well as solutions similar to motor manufacturing technology.


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Why does the motor manufacturing industry tend to customize DC motors?

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