Advantages of automatic coil winding machine over ordinary coil winding machine

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With the improvement of industrial science and technology, the coil winding machine industry is becoming more and more mature.  From the previous extensive use of ordinary coil winding machine slowly into semi-automatic coil winding machine or fully automatic coil winding machine. So the automatic coil winding machine and ordinary coil winding machine compared to what aspects will be more advanced.

coil winding machine

1. Automatic coil winding machine in the speed of winding, as well as winding number and time control will be more accurate, and debugging is easier.

2. The automatic coil winding machine has lower power consumption than ordinary coil winding machine and can achieve the goal of energy saving

3. Because the use of high-tech automatic intelligence technology, we can reduce the number of operators, reduce labor costs, reduce production costs.

4. Winding width can be adjusted at will, unlike the ordinary coil winding machine so many restrictions.

5. The wire arrangement of automatic coil winding machine is more precise and beautiful, and the deformation of wire diameter is not affected

In a word, the use of automatic winding machine can reduce the labor cost of enterprises, effectively improve production efficiency. At the same time in the operation and use compared with the ordinary winding machine more human, we can meet the individual needs of different customers. Enterprises in the choice of coil winding machine equipment can be based on their own financial resources to choose.

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Advantages of automatic coil winding machine over ordinary coil winding machine

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