Advantages of brushless DC motors

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Small and medium-sized motors and micro-motor industries are developing rapidly, among which brushless DC motors are slowly replacing the source of brush motors due to their high efficiency and low noise characteristics. The price of the brushless motor will be relatively higher, but because of its obvious advantages, it may become the mainstream product in the motor market.

brushless DC motor

"Price war" is the most common marketing model in market competition, but the price advantage of brushless motors is not obvious. Why is it so popular in the market? In fact, the factors that people consider when buying products are no longer limited to price. The quality and functions of products have an increasing influence on purchasing decisions. Some high-priced products will also appear very popular in the market. Buyers are more rational when buying. The role of the product, quality and after-sales service are all factors that need to be considered. The brushless motor is precisely because of this attracting more buyers, specifically in the following aspects.

1. The overall body of the brushless DC motor is smaller and lighter, which meets the current market demand for lightweight products.

2. The brushless DC motor uses permanent magnets, and the rotor has no core loss. Therefore, the function of the brushless motor is relatively higher. The use of permanent magnets can also extend the use time of the motor equipment.

3. The brushless DC motor adopts self-control, so there will be no vibration and loss of step when the load changes suddenly. The adjustment of the motor rotation speed and time can be achieved through the appropriate change of the algorithm, so that the electromagnetic barrier is better realized, and the torque effect is better.

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Advantages of brushless DC motors

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