Advantages of brushless motor BLDC winding machine

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In recent years, brushless motor winding machine have become a driving force for rapid development in the field of models.Due to the output and price, brushless motors have been used in mid-to-high-end aviation models in the past few years.

Nowadays, due to the rapid development of machining technology, the production cost of brushless motors has dropped a lot.At present, it is entering all aspects of the model field, such as household appliances, electric balance vehicles, industrial motors, etc.

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Advantages of BLDC motor winding machine

1, no brush, low interference

The brushless motor winding machine removes the brush. The most direct change is that there is no spark generated when the brush motor is running, which greatly reduces the interference of the spark to the remote control radio.

2, low noise, smooth operation

The brushless motor winding machine has no brush, the friction is greatly reduced during operation, the operation is smooth, and the noise is much lower. This advantage is a great support for the stability of the model operation.

3, long life, low maintenance costs

Without the brush, the wear of the brushless motor is mainly on the bearing. From a mechanical point of view, the brushless motor is almost a maintenance-free motor. When necessary, only need to do some dust removal maintenance.

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Although the brushless motor has so many advantages over the brush motor, the performance characteristics of the brush motor with low speed, excellent torque performance and large torque are irreplaceable for the brushless motor.


However, with regard to the ease of use of brushless motors, with the trend of the cost reduction of brushless controllers and the development of domestic and foreign brushless technologies and market competition, brushless power systems are at a high speed of development and popularization, which is also extremely Greatly promoted the development of model movement.

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The development time of brushless motor winding machine in China is relatively short, but it has developed rapidly with the maturity and perfection of technology. It has been widely used in many fields such as aircraft model, medical equipment, household appliances, electric vehicles, etc.

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Advantages of brushless motor BLDC winding machine

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