Advantages of brushless motor winding machine for winding

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Brushless motor winding machine solves the problem of low efficiency and high labor intensity of traditional manual winding,can realize the coil batch processing.The advantages of using brushless motor winding machine over manual winding are very obvious.

Brushless stator winding machine

1.Active line arrangement, accurate position, strong process control

In the manual winding mode, the whole winding process requires manual participation, and the brushless motor winding machine can realize active wiring.In the equipment is equipped with a stepping motor and precision screw wire, its precision is much higher than the form of manual winding.Use professional control system to add coil insulation paper, treatment center tap, and two end insulation treatment process.

armature winding production line

2.The finishing is more stable and the coil is more compact

Brushless motor winding machine using a dedicated tension control mechanism, is very stable during winding,and the enameled wire will not be damaged and the tension can be adjusted to the most suitable tension range.The coil produced has the same weight and quality, better appearance and higher overall compactness.

Fan motor stator winder

3.Improve work efficiency and reduce work intensity of operators

Brushless motor automatic winding machine except skeleton installation and wire strapping need manual operation, the other is automatic winding machine.At the same time, brushless motor winding machine can work continuously, the speed is stable.So winding efficiency is much higher than the manual way, at the same time also reduces the operator working strength.

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Advantages of brushless motor winding machine for winding

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