Advantages of fully automatic assembly line

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With the development of industry, motor production for fully automatic assembly line demand is also on the rise.The application of automatic assembly line has a significant influence on the development of the whole motor industry, which has changed the traditional motor production mode.Compared with the traditional form, the advantages of fully automatic assembly line are very obvious.

fully automatic assembly line

1.Reduce labor costs and ease recruitment difficulties

After the use of fully automatic assembly line, many procedures can be set by the operator in advance instructions can be automatically executed.Enterprises' demand for the number of workers is no longer as tight as before, directly reducing the cost of human and material resources.

2.Improve the production efficiency of enterprises

The production efficiency of the fully automatic assembly line is incomparable with the manual efficiency. Its running speed itself is much faster than the manual mode.And the uninterrupted operation, there is no lack of manpower due to the occurrence of shutdown phenomenon.

3.Avoid work-related accidents

Since the fully automatic assembly line is run automatically by machine, the operation can only be controlled by computer, so the accident rate of industrial injury is obviously reduced.

4.Product quality improved, more stable

Product quality is the core of enterprise development, fully automatic assembly line can be adjusted according to the actual needs, the whole process of production monitoring, operation is very convenient, the product quality produced is more beautiful, neat, stable than artificial.

5.Efficient productivity utilization rate

The application of efficiency in the operation of the fully automatic assembly line is very large, which is also a significant advantage over the manual method and an important guarantee to ensure the production capacity.

6.Simple operation and control

The operation of the fully automatic assembly line only needs to learn and use the equipment, which shortens the working time, reduces the working pressure of the staff, and enables the assembly line to be used safely.

7.Environmental protection and energy saving, long service cycle

Fully automatic assembly line adopts servo motor drive, clearance operation, so the energy consumption is relatively low, is a kind of environmental protection and energy-saving equipment. And the process of low noise, no oil pressure, the equipment can be put into long-term use.

All of the above are the reasons for the wide application of fully automatic assembly line, and there are some advantages in detail, is a promising future of automatic mechanical equipment.

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Advantages of fully automatic assembly line

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