Analysis of Joint Operation of Motor Assembly Line Work Team

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The so-called joint operation analysis of the motor assembly line work group is to analyze the cooperation of multiple operators after completing a job, and in this way to avoid unbalanced work distribution among operators and waste. Improve the work efficiency of the entire team.

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Group work is very common in motor manufacturing, because many tasks cannot be achieved by a single person, and multiple operators are required to work together to achieve higher efficiency. The joint work of the work group will divide the work of each operator on the assembly line and complete the work in turn. Due to various factors, the division of labor at the beginning may not be reasonable. Some people may be busy and some people have nothing to do. If this happens, the neat work efficiency in the work group will definitely be affected, especially in the assembly line, which may affect the production of products. On Monday, the products cannot be delivered on time, which will cause huge economic and reputation losses. . Using the method of joint operation analysis of work groups can well solve the division of labor among operators, balance work load, and improve production efficiency.

When analyzing the operation in detail, if the influence of site factors is not taken into consideration, the operation process of each operator can be used as the basis, and then the time coordinates of each operator can be consistent, and the joint operation analysis diagram of the work group can be combined and drawn. On this basis, investigation and analysis can be carried out, and improvement plans can be drawn up. The improvement plan formed is also clearly expressed through the analysis chart of the joint operation of the work group.

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Analysis of Joint Operation of Motor Assembly Line Work Team

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