Application fields of micro motors

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micro motors

1. Motors for automobiles

Automobile sales are increasing, and the number of electrical equipment used is also increasing. The automatic quantitative electronic fuel injection system replaces the traditional carburetor, and the ABS brakes are replaced by motors. A car has increased from a dozen motors to 30 or 40, and even more than 80 motors are used. The starter motor of motorcycles has replaced the pedaling method, the diversification of portable rechargeable electric tools, and the electric vehicles required for environmental protection in the future, all make people place greater hopes on high-performance DC motors.

2. Motors for household appliances

Home appliances motors mainly include hair dryers and electric razors, electric toothbrushes, household health care equipment, electronic locks, special tools, etc.; this kind of micro motors and control technologies are the core technology of modern home appliances, and there are many types of home appliances motors. Although it is a relatively mature market, the new model emphasizes the multi-function, energy saving, low noise, and low vibration of the product, which is in line with the high-quality effect of the future design, production and testing of home appliances. The future market will Significant growth.

3. Motors for medical use

Micromotors in outpatient clinics of hospitals are used for diagnosis and treatment, inspection, inspection, analysis and other machinery and equipment. There are more and more varieties of high-precision small motors used in this kind of products, and the increase in number is amazing. With electronic control, they have high added value and have great potential for future development.

4. Micro motors for power tools

Industrial products are transformed into household portable tools, making high-end electric tools and household electrical products popular. The more stringent the performance requirements of series-excited motors, the more impressive the development.

5. Office automation industry

With the advancement of digital technology, the application of various electronic devices in the Internet is becoming more and more consistent. Micromotors are assembled on copiers, Multi-Functional Peripheral (MFP), automatic vending machines and other machinery and equipment.

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Application fields of micro motors

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