Application of inverter components in motor assembly line

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Various types of parts are used in the motor assembly line when producing and processing motor coils. Each part has its own role to complete the entire motor processing process. According to the hardware characteristics of the parts, the parts of the motor assembly line are mainly divided into electrical parts, mechanical parts, and accessories. This article mainly talks about the application of frequency converters in electrical parts.

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It is used in the main shaft system of the winding machine of the motor assembly line. Its main shaft system is mainly composed of three parts: motor, speed control system and control system. Early motor assembly wire winding equipment mainly used DC motor and electromagnetic speed control motor. Due to a series of problems such as difficult maintenance, low control accuracy, and high failure rate of these two motors, these backward control methods have been replaced after the frequency converter appears. It can directly control ordinary asynchronous motors with simple structure and high cost performance. Frequency conversion control systems are commonly used in the main shaft speed regulating mechanism of assembly wire winding equipment.

The active pay-off mechanism of the motor assembly wire winding machine also needs the participation of the frequency converter to play a role in speed regulation. During the operation of the active pay-off mechanism, the frequency converter needs to adjust the speed of the pay-off shaft in time according to the tightness of the wire It is synchronized with the take-up speed and it is one of the most important control components in the active pay-off mechanism.

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Application of inverter components in motor assembly line

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