Automatic motor assembly line development process

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If you want to develop a successful automatic motor assembly line, you need the joint efforts of professional mechanical engineers and electrical engineering. It is necessary to formulate relevant procedures in advance before developing the automatic production assembly line for motors. The current common development processes mainly include the following:

automatic motor assembly line

1. Determine the development project and understand the customer's requirements for the quality and efficiency of the motor products produced;

2. Clearly understand the motor production process, the size requirements of all aspects of the product, and the incoming materials;

3. Draw up a plan, the overall schematic diagram, partial schematic diagram and operation theory and equipment technical parameters of the automatic motor production assembly line;

4. The plan review of the automatic motor production assembly line is composed of engineering personnel to evaluate the equipment feasibility, cost evaluation, production efficiency evaluation and the structural feasibility of each part;

5. Take corrective measures for the problems found in the program review of the automatic production assembly line of the motor;

6. Hand over the design plan of the automatic motor production assembly line to the customer, and the customer will finalize the assembly line plan according to their own needs;

7. After the customer determines the motor assembly line plan, the engineering department arranges engineers to design the mechanism, make machine assembly drawings, parts drawings, select executive components, electronic control accessories, and list processing parts and standard parts requisitions. Action manual

8. Engineers form an audit team to review the designed drawings, check whether the structure of the machine is reasonable, whether the production efficiency of the designed machine meets customer needs, each part of the organization should be simple and easy to debug, repair, and each part should be as simple and easy to process as possible, etc. ;

9. Parts processing and standard parts procurement of the motor assembly line;

10. The inspector shall inspect the dimensional accuracy of the processed parts, the processing technology, the model and installation dimensions of the standard parts according to the parts drawing and the list of standard parts. After passing the inspection, the warehouse management personnel will put them in the warehouse;

11. The assembly department arranges personnel to assemble and debug the machine. The assembler collects the processed parts and standard parts in the warehouse according to the list of processed parts and standard parts, and assembles the machine in strict accordance with the assembly drawing. The industrial control department arranges the electrical engineer to follow the operation manual. Machine power distribution, machine programming and debugging;

12. The assembler will debug the machine according to the product engineering drawing provided by the customer, make a sample after the commissioning is completed, and hand it to the customer to determine the product quality;

13. After the automatic motor assembly line is completed, it will be packaged and shipped.

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Automatic motor assembly line development process

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