Automatic stator assembly line operator's professional quality

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The operation efficiency and service life of the automatic stator assembly line are closely related to the professional level of operators. The quality of operators directly affects the work efficiency and product quality of the automatic stator assembly line.Excellent operator of automatic stator assembly line can find faults in equipment operation and solve them.

automatic stator assembly line

1.Pay attention to the accumulation of experience in daily operation

The practical efficiency of automatic stator assembly line depends, to a large extent, on the accumulation of common experience among the operators, who are highly experienced in the operation and can make some simple adjustments to the machines in daily life more efficient than the new ones. For the maintenance personnel who have been working for a long time, the more problems they encounter and the more failures they have solved, the more experience they will have in maintaining the machine. There are a variety of different types of automatic stator assembly line, and the control methods for each model may be different, with different systems, but the basic working process and principle of the equipment are the same. Therefore, after the maintenance personnel solve a fault, they need to summarize the maintenance process and treatment methods. If there is a written record, it can be used as a reference for the occurrence of the same fault in the equipment operation in the future. Some faults may be impossible to solve for a time, which need to be repaired by technical personnel or experts in the same field. Careful observation and careful recording should be made to facilitate the improvement of ability. Ordinary experience accumulated rich, their own level and quality can also be improved.

automatic stator assembly line

2.A wide range of knowledge is required

The CNC equipment that is a machine with a stator assembly line is in close contact with each other, and the failure of any part can affect the normal work of the other parts. So automatic stator assembly line operators should not only master the basic knowledge of two professional mechanical, electrical, theory, should also be familiar with automatic stator assembly line overall structure, design idea of the realization of the function of the machine, familiar with equipment performance, only in this way can more reasonable use of equipment, the automatic stator assembly line play its biggest benefit, in the equipment failure not to do. In addition, the operational ability is a requirement for the personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of the automatic stator assembly line. For this kind of precision equipment for maintaining the motor production line, the operator must have a clear purpose, a complete train of thought and a careful operation. Before the operation should be careful thinking, observation, analysis of the cause of failure, find the point of manpower, the actual maintenance process to do more records, especially for the installation of electrical components, wire number, adjustment value must be marked clearly, in order to restore. After maintenance, the cover plate, cover shell and fastener of each part of the winding machine shall be installed in place, and the wires and cables shall be arranged in order.

automatic stator assembly line

3.Good reading comprehension

Although there are now a large number of factories producing automatic stator Assembly line, each factory has its own characteristics for the operation system of the key part of the motor production line, and the supplementary instructions and documents are generally prepared by individual enterprises that have their own understanding of the equipment. A qualified personnel in the operation and maintenance of automatic stator Assembly line must be able to quickly confirm the cause of the failure and accelerate the maintenance process in accordance with the tips given in the system and the information provided in the appended instructions to the machine. Therefore, it is a good requirement for an operation and maintenance personnel to understand well, so that they can analyze and deal with the problem with reference to the documents and manuals. It can be said that it is the responsibility and obligation of all equipment operation and maintenance personnel of the enterprise not to let any machine idle.

automatic stator assembly line

4.Deep in it, good at thinking

The structure of automatic stator Assembly line is complex, the connection between each part is close, and the operation of equipment involves a wide range. For product developers, in some cases, when trying to wind a new coil product, they should consider not only their own process, but also the equipment's bearing range (such as excessive speed, too thick wire diameter, etc.). For maintenance personnel, sometimes the fault reflected in the automatic stator assembly line may not be the root cause of the fault. As a maintenance personnel, it is necessary to analyze the process of fault occurrence from the point of view of various possible causes, see the essence through the phenomenon, quickly find out the root cause of the fault and eliminate it.

automatic stator assembly line

5.At ordinary times should pay attention to study

A full-time automatic stator assembly line operation and maintenance personnel, not only to pay attention to analysis and accumulation, but also should be diligent in learning, good at learning. The most critical part of the motor production line is the system. The operation, programming, connection, installation and debugging, maintenance manual and function description procedure of the control system are generally described in detail in the manual. Before the operation, first of all to these manuals, information comprehensive grasp. Especially in the process of maintenance and debugging, the operations staff to enter the general operator usually can't be the special operation mode, such as: set of equipment parameters, in order to judge fault reason analysis, the repair process is often a need to the limit of the corresponding program, necessary to run the motor manufacturing test and trial winding coil.

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Automatic stator assembly line operator's professional quality

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