Causes and solutions of wire breaking in automatic motor winding machine

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The automatic motor winding machine is very convenient to use,but after a long time in the process of winding machine operation, the problem of wire breaking is often encountered.

What are the causes of the problem and what are the solutions

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1. The barrel is mislaid

The bottom of the barrel is not properly padded, it got stuck at the bottom of the barrel while winding, the opening of the cover of the barrel is damaged.

Solution: pad the bottom of the barrel and check the opening to make sure it is normal

2. Tension setting error

When the winding tension is set too high, the automatic motor winding machine will break when winding. If the tension of the hook line is set too high, there will be a break in the hook.

Solution: according to the requirements of the tension control table to set, winding.

3. Use of spring on tension mechanism

If the spring is too strong, it will pull the wire when winding.

Solution: choose the right spring.

4.  The position of the guard sleeve and hook sleeve is wrong

The bushing is flush with the hook bushing, or because of the thread sleeve push slot, push the key wear caused by serious than hook line sleeve shorter, when the line is not pushed out completely after the hook, it is scratched at the opening of the hook line sleeve.

Solution: adjust the distance between the wire bushing and the hook line bushing. In general, the length of the wire bushing should be 1~2mm longer than that of the hook line bushing.

5.  The swing Angle of the hook line is not right

The swing Angle of the hook line is too small, The wire - in hook will expose the opening of the hook - in sleeve and the upper wire will be pushed out and broken or scratched. Swing Angle stroke is too big, a hook below the line will show the hook line cover opening lower line push out will break line or scratch. (hook to the winding position Angle setting size is related)

6. Improper program parameter setting

If the winding Angle to the hook is too large, the wire will be pulled into the wire die, and the die closing line will be clamped. Winding speed acceleration is too fast, indexing. Hook line speed is too fast, and bad coordination.

Solution: set parameters correctly and check frequently.

7. Indexing change

The bearing in the transfer shaft is not good, the plane bearing in the clamping mechanism is not good, the balance of the winding mold is not adjusted well, and the winding mold is not adjusted well at the center of the hook line sleeve (the flying-fork bearing is bad, the flying-fork spindle bearing is worn, and the flying-fork pulley bearing is worn, so the mold center is not adjusted well). When dividing, the rotor is subjected to external resistance, the position changes, and the wire is broken on the steel sheet.

8. Poor thread cutting mechanism

The thread was cut but not clamped, and the tail thread was pulled off as soon as it was started.

Solution: adjust the thread cutting mechanism.

9. Other motor winding machine problems

The middle protection plate according to the installation position is not good, off the line to scrape the steel sheet.

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Causes and solutions of wire breaking in automatic motor winding machine

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