Causes of overheating damage of armature winder

 Industry information     |      2020-06-24 14:28

The damage of the armature winder is largely due to the failure of the armature winder due to overheating.During the normal operation of the armature winder, the bearing temperature should not exceed the allowable value, and the bearing outer cover edge should not leak oil.Without these two conditions occur, basically there will be no other reason.Therefore, the key to prevent overheating damage is to understand the cause of bearing heating.

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1.The inner and outer rings of steel ball bearing are unbalanced

If the inner and outer rings of the ball bearing are not balanced, it may be due to machining problems.Because the armature winder and the end cover are processed separately, sometimes the bearing holes on the two end covers are not on the same center line.In addition, the armature winder assembly problems, as well as the end cover screw uneven tightness, stop on dust and debris will lead to the inner and outer ring imbalance.This situation will lead to the scraping between the ball and the inner and outer rings, resulting in increased friction and heating.If it is determined that there is no other reason, the cleaning machine mouth can be reinstalled, screw screws in diagonal order one by one.A small amount of error during processing can be improved by gradual automatic adjustment.

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2.Friction between bearing cover and shaft time causes overheating

During assembly, the axis of the shaft is not in line with the axis of the equipment driven by it,or because the machining is not accurate enough, the inner circle of the bearing cover is eccentric, which leads to the friction between the bearing cover and the shaft.If the case is slight, it will lead to bearing heating, and if it is serious, smoke will appear. If it is a large high-speed motor, it will be flushed soon in the friction position.It is necessary to immediately stop the operation of the armature winder, or the winder may be burned.

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3.An unreasonable amount of lubricating oil can also cause fever

If the bearing is used for a long time, the lubricating oil will gradually decrease. At this time, insufficient lubrication and increased friction loss will lead to the heating phenomenon of the bearing. If it runs for a long time in this case, the bearing will be damaged.But too much lubricating oil or too dense oil will also cause the bearing to overheat.In addition, if the lubricating oil is mixed with hard impurities, the bearing is not clean, or dirty oil is used to clean the bearing, resulting in sand and paper particles left on the bearing, etc., will increase the friction of the bearing, leading to the appearance of heat in the bearing, and the impurities in the bearing will also damage the bearing.

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4.The belt is too tight or the armature winder is not in the same line with the center of the driven mechanical shaft

If the belt is too tight or the armature winder and the center of the driven machine are not in the same straight line, the bearing load will be increased, and the bearing will be heated.

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If you avoid bearing heating, you can basically avoid the problem of overheating damage to the winder equipment, the winder can also be used for a longer time.