Characteristics of ac motor stator winder

 Industry information     |      2020-06-22 17:00

Ac motor is a very important part in stator winder,It can be divided into single-phase ac motor and three-phase AC motor according to the phase number of the power supply, single-speed motor and multi-speed motor according to the difference in rotating magnetic field speed generated by the winding machine, and integer slot winding motor and fractional slot winding motor according to whether the number of slots per pole is an integer.At present, common stator winder mainly have single-layer winding, double-layer winding and single-layer double-layer mixed winding.Single-layer winding and double-layer winding are commonly used, but in fact single-layer and double-layer mixed winding is also a special form of double-layer winding.

stator winder

Ac motor can be divided into asynchronous motor and synchronous motor according to the relationship between rotor speed and rotating magnetic field speed.The stator of a synchronous motor and that of an asynchronous motor are roughly the same,in most cases, the rotor winding is similar to the wound rotor of an asynchronous motor, but it is usually connected to a DC power supply.In most cases, the rotor winding is similar to the wound rotor of an asynchronous motor, but it is usually connected to a DC power supply.

Note: Process and performance requirements of the stator winder

1.The consumption of copper is minimal;

2.Sufficient mechanical strength and dielectric strength is required;

3.Make copper damage minimum, and have a good cooling effect;

4.Facilitate winding process, achieve mechanization and automation;

5.In order to ensure that the stator winder can be used in different operating environments, the winding modification is easy to realize;

6.The placement and arrangement of the stator winder should be as neat and beautiful as possible.

According to the working principle of the AC motor, the windings to ensure the normal operation of the motor can be connected in various forms.But no matter which form is adopted, it should be carried out according to the basic winding embedded wire arrangement principle.In daily maintenance, it is necessary to maintain the winding form of the original motor,This due to the original motor winding form, the general stator winder factory in the production of manufacturing has been considered very comprehensive.Even so, it is not necessary to maintain the motor winding in accordance with the original form, the actual use of the form of maintenance or need to be determined according to the site.