Characteristics of the motor manufacturing industry

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The electrical machinery industry belongs to the category of machinery manufacturing industry. Compared with other machinery manufacturing tasks, it has unique industry characteristics, and it is also a few factors that need to be considered when designing electrical machinery assembly lines.

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1. A wide variety of motor products

According to the capacity of the motor, as well as the voltage, speed, installation method, protection level, cooling method and load requirements, etc., the motor equipment can be divided into various specifications. Therefore, even in the case of division of labor, each motor manufacturer's motor product specifications will still be many. In the market economy environment, there are more and more special requirements for motors, so a lot of special motors have appeared, making the types of motors more complicated and more difficult in terms of production organization. Therefore, when designing the motor assembly line, it is necessary to fully consider the manufacturer's motor production characteristics and customize a reasonable motor assembly line.

2. Complex related factors

Electrical equipment seems to be relatively simple, but it is not easy to produce high-quality electrical equipment. It is necessary to accurately grasp the relationship between electricity, magnetism, wind and heat. The interaction of mechanical, electromagnetic and thermal effects between motor parts has led to the expansion of the impact of faults caused by defects in some motor parts, and the motor cannot be used normally or is directly scrapped.

3. The motor manufacturing process is complex

In addition to the processing technology of conventional machinery manufacturing, the motor manufacturing process also requires special processes for the manufacture of cores, windings, commutators and other parts. Many processes require manual labor, which will affect the quality of motor products. stability. For example, when the stator and rotor windings are embedded and processed, although some small-size and large-volume products are produced and processed using automatic embedding technology, there are still many products that require manual operation to achieve.

4. There are many types of raw materials used in motor manufacturing

In addition to some metal materials used in motor manufacturing, magnetic materials, conductive materials, insulating materials, etc. are also required. There are many types of materials required. The application of some new materials will also affect the structure and process of motor manufacturing.

5. Many tooling molds are used

The motor assembly line is a kind of non-standard equipment. Various non-standard equipment will be used when the motor is manufactured. Therefore, more non-standard process equipment will be involved. Tooling and molds cannot achieve industry unity.

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Characteristics of the motor manufacturing industry

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