Check the stator winding machine before running

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Stator winding machine is a kind of automatic mechanical equipment for high efficiency winding of motor stator.It can effectively improve the production efficiency, and the winding quality of motor stator is more beautiful and tidy than manual method.In order to avoid the failure of stator winding machine in operation, some basic inspection work should be done before starting up and running.

Stator winding machine

1.Before using the stator winding machine, it is necessary to carefully check the nameplate of the equipment, as well as the circuit and starting device.Check the connection between each component, and whether the ground situation is reliable, and whether the fuse is in good condition and meets the relevant provisions, as well as the status of switches and contactor, etc., if there is a wrong circuit connection, or open circuit and open circuit, will cause damage to the stator winding machine.

2.The insulation of the stator winder must be checked before the stator winder is powered on.If insulation resistance is insufficient, do a good job of drying. Check the insulation condition of the rotor winding, and adjust the spring pressure of the carbon brush, the slip ring and carbon brush should be cleaned in time when there is dirt.

3.No load operation check should be carried out before the formal operation.Check whether the rotation direction of the equipment is correct. In case of reverse, it is necessary to switch the wiring of the stator winding machine.Also pay attention to the stator winding machine in the operation of some abnormal sound and vibration.If all is well, the stator winding machine can be started at full load. 

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Check the stator winding machine before running

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