Circulation mode of linear stepper motor

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In the operation of the linear stepper motor, there is a unique mode of operation. There are two common circulation modes for linear motors: outer circulation and inner circulation. These two modes have different characteristics and functions.

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   1. Outer circulation: The outer circulation means that the motor returns to the screw nut through the spiral groove or intubation on the outer surface of the nut after the circulation process is over.

  2. inner circulation: the inner circulation adopts the inverter to realize the motor circulation. There are two types of inverters.


   The linear stepping motor is sometimes out of contact with the screw during the cycle is called the outer cycle; the one that always keeps in contact with the screw is called the inner cycle. Each closed circuit of the motor is called a column, and the number of leads contained in each closed circuit of the ball is called the number of turns. Therefore, in work and use, we must pay attention to these two circulation modes, and make good use of them according to their characteristics.

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Circulation mode of linear stepper motor

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