Coil winding machine processing parameter setting

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The common coil winding machine is mainly a winding process of transformer coil and electronic stator coil. Because of the differences in the types of coils being processed, the parameter setting method during winding is also different. If the winding parameter setting is not reasonable, it will adversely affect the quality of the coil.

coil winding machine

Transformer coils are mainly composed of high-voltage coils and low-voltage coils. According to the characteristics of the coils, it is necessary to pay attention to the winding speed of the flat wire when setting the parameters. The reasonable speed can ensure the gap between the coil layers and make the wire winding step. The input motor works within the maximum torque range. In addition, the stop position of the tap should be avoided on the same side as much as possible. If it cannot be avoided due to the process, it can be flattened during operation. The number of laps to stop the idle should be set to 3 -5 turns to ensure the accuracy of the parking position.

The processing of motor stator coils is also one of the main types of coils processed by winding equipment. These coils generally have a relatively large coil diameter, but the width is very small. There are two processing methods: single-wire processing and multi-wire parallel winding. Parameter setting Attention should be paid to the parking position across the slot. The setting of the wire diameter in the case of multi-wire parallel winding requires a certain adjustment value. For coils with a diameter of more than 600mm, the speed should not exceed 250 rpm.

This is the parameter setting method we need to pay attention to when we are winding two common coils. The processing of other coils also needs to set the winding equipment reasonably according to the process characteristics of the coil itself.

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Coil winding machine processing parameter setting

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