Common failures in operating motor winding machines

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Motor winding machine is composed of a variety of high-tech automatic motor assembly line equipment, its degree of automation is very high, and complete functions, strong power.However, as with all mechanical equipment, winding machines can break down after a period of use.

Motor winding machine

1.Motor winding machine line is no longer neat

When this happens the first thing to know when it is in the normal processing happen this kind of phenomenon, or change the product commissioning.The former is basically due to hardware problems, while the latter is mostly due to setup problems.The hardware problem may be caused by loose fixture, loose fastening screw of wiring mechanism and poor lubrication of wiring mechanism, which leads to out-of-step of stepping motor due to heavy load of stepping motor.

2.The motor winding machine spindle parking position is not accurate enough

The inaccurate spindle stopping position may be caused by brake failure. Such as loose brake pads, or brake pads wear.It may also be due to the brake time setting problem, too short brake time will also appear the spindle parking position is not correct.It is necessary to replace the brake pads or adjust the braking time of the motor winding machine.

3.The winding number of the motor winding machine is not correct

If the motor winding machine has the problem of inaccurate count, generally due to the sensor, or controller hardware problems, in this case the motor winding machine can not operate normally, need to contact the manufacturer to solve the problem.

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Common failures in operating motor winding machines

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