Common faults in bearing parts of needle winder

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Bearing is an important functional part of needle winding machine. It is used in the spindle system, the wiring system and the thimble tail frame. It is a part of high frequency utilization, so its failure rate is relatively high.Usually in the maintenance can be based on the needle winder bearing damage environment to determine the bearing fault and the cause of damage.

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The main failure forms of needle winder are as follows:

1.The bearings of needle winder have metal wear

In the running process of needle winder, the load of bearing is too large, which will lead to metal fatigue.This kind of condition is mostly caused by the eccentricity of the die of the winding machine. In addition in the assembly of needle winder if the bearing installation is not correct, shaft bending, will also cause these faults. Bearing raceway fatigue will affect the running accuracy of the bearing, resulting in vibration and noise equipment.

2.Burns and discoloration appear on needle winder bearings

Most of the causes of bearing burns are caused by insufficient lubrication and the quality of lubricating oil is not up to standard. In addition, bearing assembly is too tight will lead to this kind of situation, needle winder of the thimble spacing is not reasonable will also lead to bearing burn fault.

3.The needle winder bearing is cracked

The reason for this situation may be that the bearing is too tight, leading to deformation of the bearing containment. In addition to the winding machine bearing fixed to do wear will also lead to high-speed torsion when the bearing crack.

There are many components of needle winding machine, there will be a variety of problems in the use of the process of failure, the occurrence of these problems to find out the cause of the problem, can be better to take some measures to avoid the occurrence of these faults.

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Common faults in bearing parts of needle winder

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