Conditions for high-quality fully automatic assembly line

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To judge the high-quality fully automatic assembly line, you can't just look at the price. It needs to meet the customer's own production needs, which can reduce production costs and solve production problems. In addition, the motor assembly line supplier needs good after-sales service, and can solve all kinds of problems encountered by customers in production in time, so that the fully automatic assembly line can meet the requirements of high-quality equipment.

fully automatic assembly line

When choosing a fully automatic assembly line, many customers first ask about the price of the assembly line, and hesitate when the equipment price is relatively high. But the motor assembly line is a kind of equipment that improves product quality and output, which can solve some operations that cannot be solved by manual methods, and complete production requirements at high speed and efficiency. Therefore, when choosing a motor assembly line, it is more important to compare the cost performance and reliability of the fully automatic assembly line.

1. Quality requirements of each component

The quality of the components used in the motor assembly line must be very high. Therefore, the quality requirements for the pneumatic components, guide components, circuit components, control systems, and mechanical components to be used on the motor assembly line are very high. The original components used need to be continuously Test devices that meet the index requirements.

2. Design ability of design engineer of motor assembly line

The engineer who designs the motor assembly line must have very rich design experience and be familiar with many different process requirements and indicators. Be able to have a strong ability to judge the production requirements of various processes, and be able to timely judge the key points to be paid attention to in various process production to ensure the reliability, safety and stability of equipment production.

3. Assembly and commissioning and trial production services

After customizing the motor assembly line, it needs to be repeatedly tested by the supplier’s internal engineers. After the performance of the various indicators of the debugging equipment reaches a good state, the preliminary acceptance will be carried out, and the customer will be given preliminary operation training and the internal performance of the equipment. Require indicators for training. Then the supplier of the motor assembly line arranges professional after-sales engineers to go to the factory along with the equipment to conduct trial production in the factory, and coordinate the preparation of power and air sources before starting formal trial production.

And conduct on-site professional training for operators during the trial production process. The training content includes the operation and use of equipment, as well as common sense of maintenance and debugging methods. Until the trial production of the equipment is good, and the operators are proficient in all the indicators required to know the use and maintenance of the equipment.

High-quality motor assembly line performance and efficient after-sales service can ensure smooth production when using equipment, ensure output and quality, and absolutely reduce production costs.

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Conditions for high-quality fully automatic assembly line

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