Configuration and use of motor winding machine

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Common motor winding machine are mainly used for the winding processing of stator coils and rotor coils of motors. Different types of motor winding machine have different component configurations and application fields. The main processing applications are distinguished by the winding of stator coils. There is a big difference between the winding process of the rotor and the winding of the rotor coil. The machines used are also different.

 motor winding machine

The winding machine used for stator coil winding generally refers to the outer winding type, which is also a common type of winding machine. The winding machine drives the mold to rotate and winds the wire in the winding slot reserved by the mold to achieve The size and shape of the coil are finalized. This type of winding machine can be divided into two types: manual numerical control type and automatic winding type.

The winding process of the rotor coil is more complicated. The motor winding machine used are generally divided into two types: direct winding and bifurcation. The direct winding process can directly wind the wire in the rotor slot, which is often used for DC motor coils. The characteristic of the flying fork winding process is that the fork of the winding machine drives the wire to achieve cross winding, which is used in the winding of servo, permanent magnet synchronous and other motor coils.

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Configuration and use of motor winding machine

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