Control technology of armature winder

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There are many types of armature winder, which are important equipment in the production of motor coils. The use of armature winder to wind the coil effectively solves the problem of low efficiency and uneven quality in manual mode. The core technology of the winding machine manufacturer for the armature winder lies in its control technology. The operation accuracy of the automatic motor winding machine and the realization of various functions need to rely on the control technology level.

armature winder

1. CNC control technology

The CNC controller belongs to a special system based on single-chip microcomputer control. There are different versions according to the functional requirements of the armature winder. It uses a stepper motor as the drive motor of the wire-arranging mechanism. After the spindle obtains the signal of the rotation speed and the number of turns, the signals are processed to control the operation of the stepper motor and realize the wire-arranging process. The cost of this armature winder is relatively low, so it is also a winding machine equipment widely used in the market.

2. Servo system and PLC control technology

Servo system is a very prominent program in terms of operating accuracy and electrical performance. Applying it to armature winder can effectively improve the operating accuracy of the winding machine. High-precision and high-speed motor winding machines basically use servo systems as drive motors. In addition, the PLC's computing and storage capabilities are very good, and when used with the servo system, it realizes the various functions required by the high-precision armature winder.

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Control technology of armature winder

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