Coordination of motor winding machine and mold

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The coils wound by the motor winding machine are dedicated to the stator and rotor of the motor. The coils have certain particularities and their own technological differences. The forming and size positioning of the coils are realized by the mold, so the coordination between the motor winding machine and the mold Application is particularly important. Different types of motor winding machines are equipped with suitable coil molds to produce qualified coils.

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The molds used on the motor winding machine are mainly divided into three categories. The three types of coils, namely, the universal mold of the motor, the fixed plate combined mold, and the adjustable mold, are the commonly used molds for winding motor coils. The structure and materials of these molds are different depending on the application. There are certain differences.

Usually the motor winding machine chooses the fixed plate combined mold when winding small motor coils. Since the fixed plate mold is composed of multiple pieces, it has a certain weight and can only be used in small and medium winding dies; the motor is universal The mold is generally used in the coil winding of the motor repair industry; the adjustable mold is generally the mold selected for the winding of the medium and large motor coils.

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Coordination of motor winding machine and mold

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