Daily maintenance of automatic coil winding machine

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Automatic coil winding machine can run normally, daily operation must be in strict accordance with the rules.The operation should pay attention to monitoring and maintenance work, but also check the automatic coil winder regularly, do good maintenance work.The purpose of doing so is to avoid the failure of automatic coil winding machine and ensure safe and reliable operation.

Automatic coil winding machine

Maintenance of automatic coil winding machine:

1.Cleaning the automatic coil winder

Timely clean the dust and sludge on the outside of the automatic winding machine. If the surrounding environment is dusty, it can be cleaned once a day.

2.Check and clean the wiring terminals of the automatic coil winder

Check the wiring screws in the junction box for looseness and burns.

3.Check each fixed screw on the winding machine equipment

There are mainly ground, end cover screws and bearing cover screws, etc. When the screws are found to be loose, they should be tightened in time.

Automatic coil winding machine

4.Check the automatic coil  winding machine transmission

Check the pulley and coupling for any rupture or damage, and whether the installation is firm and the belt and its connecting buckles are in good condition.

5.Start up equipment check

Timely clean the automatic winding machine starting equipment, wipe the contact, and check whether there is any trace of burning in each wiring part of the equipment, and whether the ground wire is in good condition

6.Check and maintain the coiling machine bearing assembly

The bearing device should be cleaned and the grease or lubricating oil replaced in time after it has been used for a certain time.How often to clean and change the oil depends on the operation of the winder, the working environment, the cleaning procedure and the type of lubricant.Under normal circumstances, the automatic winding machine needs to be cleaned and lubricated once after 3-6 months of use. If the oil temperature is high, or the surrounding environment is poor, more dust when the need to frequently clean oil change.

Automatic coil winding machine

7.Check insulation condition of automatic coil winding machine

The dryness of automatic winding machine will affect the insulation capability of insulating material, so it is very important to keep the motor winding dry at all times.If the working environment of the automatic coil winding machine is relatively wet or the presence of corrosive gas, it will damage the electrical insulation material.Failure is more winding grounding problem, that is, the occurrence of insulation damage, resulting in live parts and housing should not be charged metal collision. This kind of fault will not only affect the operation of automatic coil winding machine, but also endanger personal safety. Therefore, in the use of automatic coil winding machine to often check the insulation resistance, pay attention to the automatic coil winding machine chassis ground is reliable.

8.The automatic coil winding machine needs a major overhaul after one year of operation

The purpose of overhauling the automatic coil winding machine is to conduct thorough inspection and maintenance and timely supplement the missing and worn components of the automatic coil winding machine.Thoroughly clean the dust and dirt inside and outside the equipment, check the insulation condition of the equipment, clean the bearing parts, and check the wear condition of each component, and solve the problems in time.

If the automatic coil winding machine in the use of the process of no illegal operations, usually is also the correct maintenance, found the fault in time to deal with, the service life of the automatic coil winder is relatively long.

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Daily maintenance of automatic coil winding machine

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