Debugging method of various parts of motor winding machine

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The motor winding machine is a kind of highly intelligent mechanical equipment, which can complete the production process through simple setting. However, there are still many people who are not familiar with the product or do not know how to debug the motor winding machine without professional training. The commissioning motor winding machine mainly consists of three important parameters: winding position, enameled wire specification and winding width.

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1. Winding position setting

The automatic winding and the winding position is the starting position of the winding on the skeleton. It has a close relationship with the coil head and the type of coil. Generally, the measurement function in the device control system can be used to measure the specific value of the winding position. In addition, you can use a fixed point as a reference point by manual measurement, and then use a ruler to make a measurement. When determining this reference point, pay attention to the winding direction of the coil.

2. Enameled wire specification setting

The specifications of the enameled wire have different wire diameters. Whether the specifications are set accurately will affect the winding effect of the motor winding machine. In addition, the material of the enameled wire is different, and the correction value of the wire diameter is also different. For example, copper wire is a relatively tough material, which is not easy to be thinned during processing, so the correction value can be added by about 0.02; and aluminum wire is easily pulled by the tension of the winding machine and the wire passing device, then it The correction value can be controlled between 0.02~0.2.

3. Set the winding width of the motor winding machine

The winding width of the motor winding machine is the distance between the position where the winding starts and the position where the winding ends. This value can generally reflect the length of the winding that the skeleton needs to be wound. When setting, the influence of some small deformations that may occur on the winding width of the skeleton should be considered. The minimum value is taken as the winding width by comprehensive measurement.

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Debugging method of various parts of motor winding machine

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