Debugging mode of automatic needle winding machine

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In addition to its sophisticated mechanical components, the automatic needle winding machine also has a very powerful electrical control system.Including electrical control equipment, sensing technology equipment, mechanical transmission and pneumatic devices and other components.Therefore, the needle winding machine debugging up more complex than other electrical processing equipment.

needle winding machine

1.Familiar with the function of needle winding machine

After the purchase of automatic needle winding machine, the first procedure to be carried out is power-on no-load test run.The purpose of this is to check whether the running of the needle winder is smooth and whether there is abnormal noise during the running process.The debugging personnel need to check whether each function is effective one by one according to the needle winding machine instruction, which is also a familiar process to the equipment.Understand the equipment function according to its own products after winding process to find the corresponding equipment features, combined with process to see if the function of the equipment to meet the requirements of winding, the function of the equipment need to communicate with suppliers in detail at the time of purchase, avoid buying equipment after inconsistent with coiling requirement, it is important to note equipment allows the wire diameter, maximum load, the line width and precision, these parameters are decided equipment with winding requirements is in line with the basic data.

needle winding machine

2.Data set and determination of the winding machine accessories

After the debuggers are familiar with the functions and parameters of the equipment, the tension adjustment of the needle winding machine and the data of the winding die are measured.Use wire diameter, the greater the tension of the winding also requires, the greater the tension equipment of different manufacturers the adjusting range is differ, needed to use aluminium wire and copper wire tension is also different, the same wire diameter of aluminium wire tension is smaller than copper wire, tension adjustment will lead to actual around the mould line diameter smaller, if is a fine line, snap happens, the phenomenon such as knot, tension starts to appear the phenomenon such as edema, platoon line messy coil, so the tension adjustment is key setting, have security tension area of different wire diameter, debugging personnel should be carefully controlled, the determination of winding mould, it is important to note mould width and height, If it matches with the winding rod, too tight will affect mold loading and unloading, and too loose will cause mold shaking and affect the wiring effect.

needle winding machine

3.Common functions of needle winding machine

Automatic pin type winding machine general common function has several default, automatic parking, direction, coiling, automatic cross slot, etc., in actual use, should pay attention to several first is rev around slowly and stop the local train, and around the local train this feature is slow after the start operation in order to reduce the tension structure and the impact of the enameled wire, can according to the actual need to set the general situation for 1 to 3 laps, local train parking function is the equipment before the end winding step sequence local train running, this function can help to reduce the impact on the brakes makes smooth end winding equipment, especially need accurate positioning of the winding process, this parameter must be set, According to different equipment running speed, parameters should be adjusted generally for two to five laps, again is line direction and winding direction, these two parameters are respectively the spindle rotation and row line displacement direction setting, automatic winding machine of the line between the spool and spindle is controlled by the controller, there is a specific relationship, must figure out when setting the spool displacement direction, many users are reflected when debugging equipment alarm, this is because the error caused by equipment protection, coiling machine has detecting zero, used for fixing the row of spool, if from zero to start the equipment, then move outward platoon spool must be, The rotation direction of the bobbin should be determined according to the winding process. All Settings should fully consider the requirements of the winding process.

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Debugging mode of automatic needle winding machine

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