Detection of aging problem of stepper motor

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When the stepper motor is running, it will convert the electrical pulse signal into the corresponding angular displacement or linear displacement. When the pulse signal is input, the motor rotor will rotate an angle or go one step forward, and this displacement is the number of pulses input. The speed of rotation is proportional to the pulse frequency. Stepper motors are usually called pulse motors. After a stepping motor has been used for a period of time, it will appear aging like other mechanical equipment. The following methods can be used to determine whether the stepping motor has aging problems.

stepper motor

1. Test the response of the stepper motor driver

The response test is mainly to use the motor test bench to apply different loads to the motor. Pay attention to whether the motor drive will adjust the working state of the motor in a short time according to the algorithm when the load changes, and at the same time, the response ability of the drive judgment. This is also the most common way to judge whether a stepper motor is aging.

2. Test the performance of the motor driver

When testing the performance of the motor's driver program, it is mainly to analyze the harmonics, as well as the efficiency of the motor, the three-phase imbalance and the interference capability. If the analyzed data is up to the standard, it means that the stepper motor does not have the problem of aging.

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Detection of aging problem of stepper motor

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