Different coil winding machine winding method

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Fully automatic coil winding machine for winding coils of different specifications,need to set corresponding parameters, tension, and line crossing mode.To ensure that the winding meets the technical requirements and beautiful appearance of the coil.

coil winding machine

1.Circular coil winding setting

1) According to the process requirements, increase the wire diameter correction value appropriately, and adjust the distance between the wires.

2) When setting the coil winding machine width, pay attention to the deformation of the frame. If the coil is out of the tube, the width can be reduced accordingly.

3) Moderate tension adjustment, not too large or too small.

2.Winding setting of square coil

Pay attention to the control of winding speed and tension,the setting wheel of the coil winding machine is generally located at the back of the coil, which can prevent swelling in the middle of the coil.The winding speed should be adjusted according to the coil diameter. The larger the diameter is, the slower the winding speed will be. If the speed is too fast, the coil quality may be affected.

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Different coil winding machine winding method

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