Environmental requirements for motor winding machine worktable and foundation

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The correct installation of the motor winding machine can make it not appear deformation, wear and vibration in high-speed operation, and can maintain the quality of automatic motor winding machine and coil.Small and medium-sized motor winding machine in the installation of the need to use the workbench device, if necessary, need to install appropriate damping device.If the motor winding machine is not installed properly, it will affect the overall performance and motor winding machine life.Therefore, it is necessary to build a foundation table suitable for the operation of the motor winding machine to meet the requirements of the site environment of the motor winding machine.

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1.The construction of winding machine table and foundation should meet the requirements of winding machine. The winding machine can be firmly placed on the table or foundation.Make sure there is a reliable grounding device around and there is not too much interference.

2.The foundation and table should have sufficient strength and stiffness to avoid violent vibration of the motor winding machine during high-speed operation, which will affect the precision and life of the equipment itself, as well as the quality of the coil.

3.To ensure the stability and durability of the motor machine table and foundation, it is necessary to have a good waterproof and anti-skid function, reduce the influence of harmful objects on it, and ensure that there will be no deformation or local subsidence.If there is corrosive material around the motor winding machine, the foundation also needs to add a protective layer.

4.Make sure that the center of the motor winding machine is in the same vertical line with the working table and the total center of gravity of the foundation and the centriental force of the foundation.

5.If it is a large motor winding machine, the foundation shall be preloaded prior to installation of the equipment. The weight of preloading is 1.25 times of the total mass of the motor winding machine and the maximum mass of the workpiece. Steel, sand, and pebbles are used to evenly preload the foundation until it stops sinking.

Pay attention to the use environment maintenance of the motor winding machine, not only can ensure the coil quality, but also extend the service life of the motor winding machine.

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Environmental requirements for motor winding machine worktable and foundation

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