Four causes of needle winding machine failure

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Needle winding machine is a kind of high and new technology, which can effectively reduce the labor cost, improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and also improve the quality of products.Some manufacturers in the use of winding machine, often failure, do not consider the quality of winding machine itself, the operator in the operation of whether there is a mistake?

automatic needle winding machine

1.Running environment around the needle winding machine

In order to make the needle winding machine last longer, the equipment should be protected from direct sunlight or other thermal radiation.In addition, the needle winding machine should be kept away from humidity, dust or corrosive gases, and should not be placed too close to equipment with large vibration, such as punch press, forging press, etc.

2.Stable circuit

In order to avoid up and down fluctuations of more than 10% of the power supply, as well as the impact of transient interference signals.Under normal circumstances, the needle winding machine should use a special line for power supply, which can be separately divided into one line in the low-voltage distribution room for the use of CNC machine tools, or through the installation of voltage regulator device and other ways to reduce the power supply quality and electrical interference on the needle winding machine.

automatic needle winding machine

3.Specify effective operating procedures

The operation and management of the needle winding machine need a series of practical and effective operating procedures.For example, lubrication, maintenance, reasonable use and standardization of the handover system are the main content of the use and management of the needle winding machine.The establishment and observance of operation rules is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of the winding machine.

4.Do not stop the needle winding machine for a long time

Make full use of the needle winding machine after purchase, especially during the first year of operation.The possible failure of the needle winding machine will be exposed as soon as possible, so that all kinds of problems can be solved within the warranty period.If there is no product to be produced at present, it should be electrified regularly, which can be maintained at 1-2 times per week,will need to run an hour every time.When the needle winding machine is running, heat will be emitted by itself, which can reduce the humidity in the equipment and avoid the damage of electronic components due to moisture problems.Timely detection of battery low power alarm, to avoid the system set parameters due to low power loss.

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Four causes of needle winding machine failure

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