How to judge whether the coil winding machine is overheated

 Industry information     |      2020-06-05 16:02

Overheating will affect the service life of the coil winding machine,  we need to carry out daily inspection, timely find the problem and deal with it. Then how to judge whether the coil winding machine overheat phenomenon?

automatic stator coil winding machine

1. Feel the temperature with your hands

If you use this way to check must be used to prove that the winder does not have winding grounding fault. Use hand to touch the coiling winding machine shell, if you don't feel the heat, the temperature is normal. If obviously feel hot, can not stay on the casing of the coil winding machine for a long time, that indicates that the coil winding machine has overheating.

2. Detect the temperature with water droplets

A few drops of water can be dropped on the casing of the winder. If only hot air appears, there is no sound,there is no overheating of the coil winding machine. If the water drops evaporate sharply, and there is a sound,that means the winder is overheating.

3. Use a temperature machine to measure

A thermometer is the most direct method, If the coil winding machine is overheats, it should be stopped immediately and checked.After the fault is found, it should be dealt with in a timely manner. Only after the problems are solved can it be used again.