How to select BLDC motor coil winding machine

 Industry information     |      2020-06-08 11:32

NIDE produce various types of BLDC motor winding machine. Different winding machine is suitable for different stators. During selecting, it is important to pay attention to the stator parameter and technical requirement.


For wheel motor and electric bike motor, we suggest DCRX1-200 wheel hub motor winding machine. This type of winding machine has two working station. The winding process is done by machine automatically.


For BLDC motor stator, we suggest to use needle winding machine ,such as ND-NXN1-60-80/ ND-DDR-IV-B /ND-RXN4-60(132).The equips with servo system. It can automatically intert wire end, winding, arraying, indexing, cutting, demolding.


For ceiling fan motor, we suggest to use ND-SR8002A ceiling fan winding machine, it is suitable for ceiling fan, table fan and other external rotors. This fan coil winding machine has two working stations. Controlled by micro computer, this winding machine can do auto winding, auto array, auto indexing; array and indexing are controlled by stepping motor, winding is controlled by frequency converting motor, turn number could be accurated up to 0.1 round.