How to set the spindle and arrangement of the automatic winding machine

 Industry information     |      2020-05-27 14:49

Most people buy automatic motor winding machine will be in accordance with the factory Settings and configuration of direct use. There is also a part of the need to set the position and function of the motor winding machine parts according to its own production process. Manufacturers in the production of the motor winding machine will leave a certain amount of space for convenient maintenance, and replacement of parts and other operations, we can take advantage of these Spaces for improvement. But it’s important to note that all improvements must be within the range allowed by the equipment. Blind modification may damage the equipment.

Motor winding machine

The spindle of motor winding machine is a kind of power device, provide power for rotation and pull of equipment, if the motor winding machine specifications are different, and spindle configuration is also different. Adjusting the spindle of the winding machine mainly has the position of the axis, concentricity adjustment, and additional other winding process.

The main reason for adjusting the position of the spindle is that the distance between the spindle and the table does not meet the requirements of the production process. Each process requires a certain amount of working space, and the adjustment of the position of the shaft requires attention to the size of the hole position of the equipment. Whether the normal operation of other parts will be affected after the adjustment is completed.

Concentricity adjustment is also encountered more, after the motor winding machine has been running for some time, the concentricity between the bobbin and the thimble will be deviated.When this happens, maintenance and adjustment should be carried out in time.


The adjustment of the line arrangement device usually includes the adjustment of the line arrangement distance and the rotation diameter. The alignment distance adjustment is because the winder does not meet the requirements in the starting point and winder process. Under normal circumstances, it will adjust the position of the homing sensor. In addition, the moving position cannot exceed the mechanical origin of the equipment.

The adjustment method of the motor winding machine will also be different due to the difference between the manufacturer and the model. You can contact the manufacturer to inquire before the adjustment