How to start the automatic winding machine correctly

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Starting the automatic motor winding machine correctly can make the equipment run stably for a long time, and affects the winding machine in the operation of the efficiency, power, etc.

stator winding machine

1、The equipment must be used according to the requirements, following the correct steps to start the motor winding machine is the basic requirement to ensure that the equipment can operate safely for a long time.

2、The torque should be sufficient when starting, so that the motor winding machine can overcome the resistance torque normal smooth start.

3、Try to avoid situations where the start-up current is too large, Because the electronic components in the automatic motor winding machine, as well as circuit board and other devices are relatively weak anti-current capacity, avoid excessive current to cause damage.

4、Start-up equipment as simple and economical as possible, and operation is more convenient,After the motor winding machine is connected to the power supply, it can be started with one key.


Fully automatic motor winding machine is generally by direct start and buck start two forms.Direct start is the automatic motor winding machine directly connected to the additional voltage start, so it is called as voltage start.This will be used when the grid capacity is large, the starting current of the automatic motor winding machine will not significantly reduce the grid voltage, and when the power is less than 10kw, it will be started at full pressure.If the power is relatively large when it is inappropriate to use full voltage start, this case can be used to start the buck. The step-down emission mode can be y-a emission method, compensator step-down emission method and extended triangle step-down emission,the actual choice depends on the motor load.

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How to start the automatic winding machine correctly

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