How to wind a smooth motor coil?

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If the coils wound by the automatic motor winding machine are flatter, then the performance of the automatic winding machine is better. However, in the actual winding machine process, there may be problems such as uneven coils or overlapping wires at both ends, as well as dropped wires. If you want to wind flat coil products, the automatic winding machine equipment needs to meet the following conditions.

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1. It is necessary to ensure the quality of the winding mold and skeleton of the motor winding machine, because they are very important parts in the enameled wire and forming process, which will have a certain impact on the shape of the coil. In the process of loading and unloading the mold, it is necessary to ensure that the various parts are fastened. In order to achieve this effect, the quality of the skeleton is a very important factor in the formation of the coil.

2. Set the winding parameters of the winding machine correctly. Motor winding machine equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment with a relatively high degree of automation, which can realize the linkage operation of various components. The setting of the parameters of the automatic winding machine determines the process of its operation. Setting the correct parameters can make the automatic winding machine control system play its role better and complete the high-quality coil winding process.

3. In the process of winding the coil of the winding machine, its accessory process, that is, tension control, will have a greater relationship with the precision of the coil, and the safe tension value of the enameled wire needs to be considered when setting. At the same time, it should be adjusted according to the actual process conditions. Correctly setting the tension value will have a very large impact on the coil forming.

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How to wind a smooth motor coil?

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