How to wind high-quality coils with automatic stator winder

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The electrical system of the automatic stator winder belongs to a very complex control program and high-precision execution components. The use of various high-tech electrical components on the automatic stator winder has greatly improved the performance of the equipment, so that it can to meet the current winding requirements for stator coils. Of course, even though the stator coils produced by such high-tech automatic stator winder still have various problems, compare the situation that the surface of the stator coil is not flat enough or there are pad wires. This is because the production of high-quality stator coils requires not only a high-precision automatic stator winder, but also correct programming and reasonable adjustment of various accessories.

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1. Program setting of automatic stator winder

The use of the automatic stator winder is limited. A preliminary understanding of its functions and performance characteristics is required. After familiar with the function settings of the device, a simple coil winding is performed to slowly master the setting skills and applications of the automatic stator winder. At present, after purchasing the automatic stator winder, the general manufacturers will give some technical training and on-site adjustments. This process must be paid attention to. Familiar with the reasonable setting of the automatic stator winder is an important part of winding high-quality coils.

automatic stator winder

2. Set the tension of the automatic stator winder

At present, in the stator coil winding process, there is no agreed standard for the tension setting. The specific range of this value can be adjusted by the user according to his actual demand. Whether the tension setting is reasonable will have a greater impact on the quality of the coil. If the setting is too small, it will appear bloated during winding and the position of the cable is not accurate. If the tension setting is too large, it will cause wire breakage. And when the multi-layer winding occurs, the layer is dropped. In addition, if the material of the enameled wire is different, the demand for tension is also different. For example, the tension of the aluminum wire will be relatively small. Although the copper wire is not easy to be thinned, the angle should not be too large when passing the wire, otherwise it will burst. Paint and other problems occur.

automatic stator winder

3. Selection of winding frame of automatic stator winder

Choosing the winding frame of the automatic stator winder may be a problem that many users do not pay much attention to. In order to reduce costs, some low-quality plastics or thin skeleton side necks are selected, resulting in deformation of the skeleton. All the processes of the automatic stator winder are carried out according to the program instructions. The deformation of the skeleton will cause the winding of the coil to exceed the winding range, and may also change the electrical characteristics. Therefore, the choice of the framework must pay attention to its quality, to avoid affecting the winding quality of the stator coil.

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How to wind high-quality coils with automatic stator winder

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