Improve the winding quality of the motor winding machine

 Industry information     |      2020-06-19 16:31

The machining precision of motor winding machine directly determines the winding quality,the machining precision of various winding machines varies greatly, so different motor winding machines can be used in different occasions.In addition to the accuracy of the equipment, some human factors and other factors will also affect the machining accuracy of the coil.

motor winding machine

1.Motor winding machine Settings and used correctly

Which has the function of automatic wire winding machine generally have CNC system, and the operation of the CNC system and control requires a professional personnel to be set.Therefore, whether the setting method of the winding machine is correct or not directly affects the quality of the winding.

2.The influence of processing wire and skeleton of coiling quality

Enameled wire is the wire with high frequency used by the winding machine, and there are many types of wire, such as copper wire and aluminum wire,ect.In the production of the cable, there may be diameter changes, knotting, and burr defects,it has great influence on the quality of motor winding machine.The frame is the key to forming the coil and also determines the coil size.Therefore, the reasonable design of the frame and the degree of process perfection will have a great influence on the quality of the winding machine.