Inspection items of automatic stator winding machine

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Stator winding machine is a kind of automatic stator assembly equipment that performs the winding process of the stator device. In order to ensure the safe and stable production of the stator, a series of machine inspections and tests are required before operation. The stator winding machine manufacturer does not have a clear standard item for machine inspection, most of them are based on their own experience to determine whether their winding process meets the production needs.

Stator winding machine

1. Visual inspection and measurement

Before unpacking the stator winding machine, you can pay attention to its appearance and complete configuration. During assembly, you need to check the sliding parts and smoothness of the stator winding machine. You can use the inspection tool to measure the coaxiality between each shaft and the sleeve hole, check the lubrication of each component, to ensure that the equipment components are stable and reliable, and there will be no blockage during operation.

2. Running detection

When testing the stator winding machine, you can first run it with no load for about half an hour. During this process, the temperature of each bearing component and sliding component is significantly increased. During idling operation, the stator winding machine equipment is running at high and low speeds and the execution process of various actions is good. Check the position accuracy of the cross-slot and parking. In addition, check the brake effectiveness of the stator winding machine and pass the line. Whether the tensioner and the thread reel in the device are smooth and smooth.

3. With line running detection

Through the operation inspection with wire, check whether the count of the number of windings of the stator winding machine during the winding time is accurate, and whether the wire arrangement is smooth and correct during the movement. Check the quality of the coil that has been wound and check whether the insulation of the enameled wire is damaged according to the set process.

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Inspection items of automatic stator winding machine

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