Inspection method of stator winding machine

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There is still a clear standard for the detection standard of the stator winding machine for the time being, most of which are judged by experience, and whether the winding process meets the production requirements in the factory. When checking and accepting the stator winding machine, these inspection items are mainly required.

1. Check the stability and reliability of the stator winding machine by visual inspection and measurement. When unpacking the assembly, pay attention to the appearance of the stator winding machine and whether the various configurations are complete. Check the contact and smoothness of each part during assembly. Use inspection tools to measure the coaxiality of various shafts and bushings and check the lubrication of each part. It is necessary to ensure that the equipment can operate stably and reliably without any blockage.

2. Before the stator winding machine is officially used, it is necessary to conduct a no-load test run for about half an hour to check that the temperature of each bearing component and sliding component does not increase significantly. Check the high and low speed of the stator winding machine and the state of each operation in good condition. Check whether the position is accurate when crossing the slot and parking, and check whether the brake is normal, and the tensioner and the thread passing wheel in the thread passing device are clean and smooth.

3. Further inspect the operation of the stator winding machine by means of strip-line operation. During the winding operation, check the accuracy of the number of turns, and the smoothness and accuracy of the movement of the arranging device. Comparing the set process, visually check the flatness and compactness of the wound coil, and whether the insulation layer of the enameled wire is good.

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Inspection method of stator winding machine

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