Inspection work after assembly of the motor assembly line

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1. After completing the assembly of a component, check the following items. If assembly problems are found, they should be analyzed and dealt with in time.

A. The completeness of the assembly work, check the assembly drawings, and check for missing parts.

B. For the accuracy of the installation position of each part, check the assembly drawing or check the requirements as described in the above specification.

C. The reliability of each connection part, whether each fastening screw meets the required torque for assembly, and whether the special fastener meets the requirements for preventing loosening.

D. The flexibility of the movement of the movable parts, such as whether there is jamming or eccentricity or bending when the conveying roller, pulley, guide rail, etc. are manually rotated or moved.

motor assembly line

2. After the final assembly is completed, the connection between the assembly parts is mainly checked, and the inspection content is based on the "four characteristics" specified in (1) as the measurement standard.

3. After the final assembly, the iron filings, debris, dust, etc. should be cleaned up in all parts of the machine to ensure that there are no obstacles in the transmission parts.

4. When testing the machine, carefully monitor the start-up process. After the machine starts, immediately observe whether the main working parameters and moving parts are moving normally.

5. The main working parameters include the speed of movement, the stability of the movement, the rotation of each drive shaft, temperature, vibration and noise.

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Inspection work after assembly of the motor assembly line

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