Installation of needle winding machine

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The needle winding machine is an electronic winding device, which belongs to heavy machinery equipment. Therefore, the basic construction requirements for installing the needle winding machine will also be higher, to avoid excessive vibration and shaking during the operation of the needle winding machine.

needle winding machine

1. Installation with adjusting foot parts

This method can be used in some relatively small needle winding machine. The needle winding machine will have strong movement vibration when it is running, because enough adjusting feet must be installed so that it can bear the weight of the needle winding machine, and the foot can also be adjusted to prevent the site from being flat and Influence.

2. Fixing with expansion bolts

Needle winders generally have a bottom frame. In large and medium-sized needle winders, expansion bolts are used to fix the ground. The feature of this method is that the needle winding machine has a large contact area with the ground, which can play the role of fixing the assembly line.

3. Embedded fixed frame

In some large-scale needle winding machines with relatively large processing loads, some conventional fixing methods have been unable to meet such heavy equipment. This type of equipment is generally prepared before the equipment is sent to the site, and the infrastructure construction is done in advance in the site. The special frame for fixing is pre-buried below the ground, and the needle winding machine will be fixed after it arrives on the site.

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Installation of needle winding machine

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