Keep the needle winding machine in a good environment

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Needle winding machine is a kind of common electrical mechanical processing equipment, the whole equipment is composed of various functional electrical components.In order to ensure the normal use of each component, it is necessary to ensure that the needle winding machine runs in a good environment space.

Needle winding machine

1.The work table of the needle winding machine shall be compatible with the foundation and shall ensure that the installation of the whole needle winding machine is firm and reliable.There is a reliable grounding device near the needle winding machine to ensure that there is no serious source of interference.

2.Ensure that the needle winding machine table and foundation have enough strength and stiffness to avoid the needle winding machine in the process of running severe vibration and affect the accuracy and life of the equipment itself.

3.Ensure the stability and durability of the needle winding machine table and foundation, have good waterproof and anti-skid function, avoid some external harmful objects to erode the needle winding machine and foundation, and ensure that deformation or partial subsidence will not occur.

4.Keep the needle winding machine on the same vertical line as the foundation centripetal force.

5.The foundation should be preloaded before installing the needle winding machine, so as to avoid problems such as foundation sinking in the future.

Only when the needle winding machine operates in a good environment can it avoid all kinds of wear and failure, and also prolong the service life and product quality of the needle winding machine.

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Keep the needle winding machine in a good environment

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