Maintenance and maintenance of commutator

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The commutator is a very important part of the DC brushless motor, and this part is also one of the main reasons for the motor failure. One of the most difficult to deal with is the commutator. The working condition of the commutator is directly related to the working condition of the DC motor, so maintenance must be strengthened.


The main fault of the commutator is sparks in the commutator. In order to make the motor run better, we must keep the commutator surface clean and clean it regularly.

If the commutator surface of the DC brushless motor has slight stripes or grooves. At this time, the commutator can be polished or grinded, and then clean the surface of the commutator with a clean silk cloth, which is beneficial to the formation of an oxide film to protect the commutator.

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Maintenance and maintenance of commutator

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