Note for motor winding machine maintenance

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After the motor winding machine has been used for a period of time, it will inevitably appear abnormal situation. If the warranty period is good, the supplier can directly solve it, but after the warranty period, it can only solve it by itself.In the maintenance of motor winding machine, the key to control the following points.

motor winding machine

1.First of all, do not rush to disassemble the winding machine equipment, to understand the winding machine abnormal problem before and after the situation, detailed analysis of the circuit principle and structure, find out the components may have problems and then disassemble the machine.Before the dismantling to fully understand the role of each electrical component, as well as the location and connection mode, and at the time of dismantling to make a good mark on each component, record their position, convenient maintenance after the completion of re-installation.

2.When checking abnormal problems of motor winding machine, it is necessary to observe whether there are external problems, such as whether there are cracks and incomplete problems, and then check the internal situation of winder equipment to check whether each part needs to be disassembled.

3.Check for abnormal problems while checking for mechanical parts, and then checking for electrical parts. Check the wiring and operation of the electrical parts after making sure there is no abnormal condition of the mechanical parts. As you go through the parts, you go through the common parts, and then you go through the special parts. Half of the abnormal problems of the motor winder are caused by the quality of the parts or the installation problems.

4.Before maintenance to the motor winding machine to clean, for some of the dust or oil more serious electrical components to clean first. Many problems are caused by dust or oil, and may be resolved by cleaning them up.

5.The problem of power supply is a relatively high factor for the abnormal problem of motor winding machine. Therefore, ensuring the normal parameters of power supply can effectively reduce the situation of blind maintenance.

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Note for motor winding machine maintenance

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