Notes for operation of motor winding machine

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Many manufacturers will report all kinds of problems when using motor winding machines,a large part of which are caused by the operation of workers, but also bring economic losses to the manufacturers.

motor winding machines

The motor winding machine equipment is specially used for winding coils of a device. In the operation of the big gear rotation drive pinion, and then use pinion to drive the motor winding machine spindle rotation.The winding die is fixed by fastening nuts at both ends. In addition, the vertical lead screw is used to drive the gage gear, so that its indicator is consistent with the gear speed and the number of turns of the coil is recorded.When the motor winding machine is carried out, the wire is taken out from the rewinding rack, and one part of the wire is fixed on the winding die, and then the winding work can be carried out.

When the motor winding machine is not fully automatic, attention should also be paid to the following situations during operation:

1. Pay attention to the tension of the wire, not too much and not too small

2. Pay attention to the winding process and correct winding number to avoid wrong winding number

3. Line turns should be arranged neatly to avoid too disorderly situation

4. Pay attention to the uniform force in the winding process to avoid loosening or tightening

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Notes for operation of motor winding machine

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