Operation preparation of motor assembly line

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The application of the motor assembly line has effectively improved the efficiency and quality of motor manufacturing. In order for the entire assembly line to run smoothly, preparations must be made before formal assembly to ensure that the motor assembly can be completed smoothly and with high quality.

motor assembly line

1. Preparation of assembly work data

The required preparation materials mainly include general assembly drawings, component assembly drawings, parts drawings, bills of materials, etc. It is always necessary to ensure the integrity of the drawings, cleanliness, and process information records before the motor assembly is completed.

2. Preparation of the assembly site

The placement of the parts required for assembly and the assembly of components need to be completed in the designated place. The placement and assembly of the whole machine must be clearly planned. Until the assembly of the motor is completed, the workplace must be kept tidy, standardized and orderly. environment of.

3. Preparation of assembly materials

The requirements of the motor assembly process in this show ensure that all the materials that need to be used to the assembly are in place on time. If some materials of lower importance are not in place in time, you can adjust the order of operations appropriately, and then fill in the material reminder and submit it to the purchasing department.

4. Theoretical preparation before assembly

Before officially using the motor assembly line to assemble the motor equipment, you must first have a certain understanding of the structure of the assembly equipment, as well as the assembly technology and process requirements. The correct and standardized use of each equipment in the motor assembly line can ensure the smoothness of the entire assembly process. Advance.

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Operation preparation of motor assembly line

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