Operation specification for brushless motor winding machine

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Brushless motor technology will be used in various industries, winding machine equipment also adopts brushless motor technology.When operating brushless motor winding machine, there are some things the operator should always keep in mind and strictly follow.

Brushless stator motor winding machine

1. After the equipment is turned on, it should be empty for a trial run for a period of time.Check whether the number of winding and winding turns of the brushless motor winding machine, as well as the reset mode and stopping position meet the requirements.If this period found the problem needs to be adjusted, has been adjusted to meet the requirements after can run formally.

2. In the operation process need to pay attention to the brushless motor winding machine screw loose phenomenon,if a problem is found, stop the operation immediately and call a professional to fix it.Do not touch moving parts during high speed operation,must strictly follow the operation specification of the winding machine,never start winding machine when hanging wire and loading and unloading skeleton clamp.

3. Before going off duty, the operator should carry on the cleaning maintenance work to each part according to the winding machine request.Place all parts neatly, and don't forget to turn off the power of the winding machine.

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Operation specification for brushless motor winding machine

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