Parameter setting in coil winding machine with frame coil

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The coil winding machine has compact mechanical components, there is also a very powerful electrical control system. It combines electrical control, sensing technology, mechanical transmission, pneumatic devices and other components, the debugging process is more sophisticated than other electrical processing equipment. The following debugging methods can be used in winding with skeleton coils. There are three important winding parameters: starting position, enameled wire specification and winding width.

coil winding machine

1. How to set the starting position

What is the starting position? It is the starting point of winding on the skeleton, which is closely related to the head of the coil and the type of coil. The specific value of the relevant winding position can usually be measured by the measurement function of the equipment control system. The operator can also measure it manually, The fixed point is used as the reference point and the ruler is used for actual measurement. When setting this point, pay attention to the winding direction of the coil.

2. Specification of enameled wire

Common enameled wire has different wire diameter, whether the specification of enameled wire is set correctly will directly affect the effect of wiring arrangement. Different wire diameters should be added to enameled wires of different materials, copper wire is not easy to be drawn, its correction value plus about 0.02. The aluminum wire is easy to be stretched after the tension of the coil winding machine and the wire crossing device, and the correction range of larger 0.02-0.2 is allowed.

3. The setting of winding width

The winding width is understood as the distance from the starting position of the winding to the ending position of the winding, usually this value directly reflects the length of the skeleton to be wound. It is necessary to consider the effect of the small deformation of the used skeleton on the winding width, the minimum value should be taken as the winding width by the comprehensive measurement method.

Coil winding machine is a kind of mechanical equipment with high intelligence level, in order to improve customer experience, the winder is more and more convenient to operate. Learn how to operate the coil winding machine is not difficult to operate more familiar with its functions.

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Parameter setting in coil winding machine with frame coil

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