Principle of precise parking of automatic armature winder

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The automatic armature winder used in the factory is controlled by numerical control system, which can be used to understand the operation of the automatic armature winder, as well as to realize the preset number of turns, step control, speed adjustment and precise parking. Among them, the precise parking function is a very important function in the winding process, which can allow the spindle to achieve the purpose of precise positioning. The automatic armature winder needs this function to cooperate in the winding process, taps, and auxiliary processes such as laying insulation paper.

automatic armature winder

There are two main types of precise stopping principles for automatic armature winder spindles:

1. Brakes are installed in the main shaft system of the automatic armature winder. At present, the brakes mainly have electromagnetic, pneumatic, and friction types, and the electromagnetic type is the most commonly used form among these types. The braking torque of the electromagnetic brake is relatively large, the corresponding time is relatively fast, and it is relatively easy to install. The control system sends out a control signal, and the brake will lock the spindle after receiving this signal to achieve the goal of precise parking.

2. Through spindle inertia pre-control and inverter DC braking, the spindle can be accurately stopped. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to use the control system to inertially pre-control the spindle of the CNC automatic armature winder, cut off the power of the spindle in advance, and achieve the purpose of precise parking through inertia and DC braking of the inverter.

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Principle of precise parking of automatic armature winder

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